Women’s tailoring

Womens tailor in Slough

Women’s tailoring – the better it fits the better is look

Strengths are off being a bespoke woman’s tailor is to make the woman look amazing. New clothes – not only bring the opportunity for a wardrobe refresh but perfect hide the disadvantages and highlight the benefits. The Dress can really make the waist look tiny! 

I don’t believe in waiting for a grand occasion to look glamorous. I want to make something unusual, something that will fit women, whose world and lifestyle is different. Something, that will make everyone turn when she is walking by the street. The bespoke tailoring process gives the unique opportunity to create a unique and exclusive garment. The garment is tailored to your unique body and you will feel like your skin. 


Women’s tailoring and dressmaking help to realize what a woman wants


From the choice of cloth through to such details as the number and positioning of pockets and the shape of a lapel, the customer has the freedom to design a dress or trousers. I create a unique pattern according to your requirements. 

You may know precisely what you’re looking to achieve – or perhaps you’re in need of our expert advice? 

Regardless, I am there to help determine exactly how you’d like to look.  

I can offer exceptional expertise in women’s tailoring and dressmaking. My garments are not just a reflection of your style, but an effortless extension of character.

Every piece of clothes is special – they are different from decoration, ideas, and fabric.

The finest advantage of bespoke garments of unique quality, we are steeped in the time-honored values of legendary. 


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We meet and will discuss your vision and work together to sketch a drawing. Once you are happy with what you see, I will take your measurements and get work. We will work together to design and create the ideal piece. and stylish. I will fashion your perfect fit and you will look amazing.